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Get your copy of Simon Coulson’s Interpreneur FREE now – limited time


Hello Reader,

I wanted to let you know about a brilliant new book, an absolute must-read for anyone wanting a really clear, ‘real-world’ guide to making serious money from the internet, called Interpreneur: The Secrets of my Journey to becoming an Internet Millionaire.

There are a limited number of FREE copies available – and, if you’re quick, you can get one by clicking the link below.

To fill you in, this book has been written by my good friend, Simon Coulson, and explains how, armed with just an internet connection and a laptop, he went from doing a 9-5 job at BT PLC, to owning numerous internet businesses bringing in over £20 million pounds in online sales.

Businesses he set up on his laptop with a few clicks, some in areas he knew nothing about!

I’ve been lucky enough to read an advance copy and it’s a fascinating story, telling how an ordinary bloke went from near burn-out from his exhausting and stressful job with BT, to (as much to his surprise as anyone’s) becoming an internet millionaire – living on a 35-acre country estate, driving around in a Ferrari and holidaying on a private island!

I also found it to be one of the clearest, easiest to understand ‘how-to’ guides I’ve ever read about creating successful internet businesses from scratch.

Simon admits he knew next to nothing about some of the things his business dealt with – everything from Bonsai trees, to yoga classes, to air-conditioning – but he found he didn’t have to. Without any kind of specialist knowledge or business skills, he could just set up the business on the internet and watch the money roll in!

Simon says if he can do it, anyone can, and he shows you how, step-by-step, in ‘INTERPRENEUR: The Secrets of my Journey to becoming an Internet Millionaire’.

It’s on Amazon, priced £9.95, but for a limited time you can get a copy absolutely FREE, by clicking below.

All Simon asks is that if you do like it, please tweet about it, blog about it or leave a positive review.

Having read it, I know you will LOVE it, and you’ll also find it an incredibly useful tool for setting up your own internet business and getting the same success for yourself!

It’s strictly one book per person. But be quick – there aren’t many books available. To get your copy of ‘INTERPRENEUR: The Secrets of my Journey to becoming an Internet Millionaire’ by Simon Coulson absolutely FREE (plus £1.00 to cover postage), click below now!




P.S. Remember, Simon’s only got a small number of free books available, so if you want one sent out to you on the day it’s published (for just £1.00 P&P) make sure you claim your FREE copy by clicking the button above right now!

P.P.S. Because of the limited number of free copies, it’s strictly ONE book per person. If you want your free book, click the button above now.

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