China: ‘Buying the World’

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– China is ‘buying the world’ – for 3 decades of capitalist globalisation.

– is powerful + emotive.

– China’s relationship to the world in general + rich countries in particular.

– relationship between China + rest of the world.

– relationship between large Chinese firms + global business system.

– become truly global.



– global firms, with their headquarters in high income countries are increasingly ‘inside’ the developing countries, typically occupying positions within their business structure in high-value sectors.

– developing countries have emerged on global stage with leading firms from high income countries.

– developing countries is based on the case of China + the perception that its firms are ‘buying the world’.

– ‘our’ large firms have enjoyed bouyant sales and profit, thanks to the continued growth.

– indeed, for many of ‘our’ leading global firms China is already the biggest market or soon will be.




– China’s transformation has been the emergence of a stable group of its state-owned companies among ranks of Future 500 and FT 500 companies.

– China attempted to nurture ‘national champion’ firms.

– China is unique + become the world’s second largest economy while it’s still a lower middle income country.

– China has greatly expanded with developing countries.

– it’s imports of metals, minerals, oil + gas, and food has rapidly increased.

– its developing country trade partners have greatly increased their imports of chinese manufactures.

– China has a small share of the world’s oil + gas reserves + its desperately short of oil and gas.

– China is ‘buying the world’ to global supplies of oil + gas.

– China is unique to open international investment.

– China have built its own regional jet, to be entering direct competition with Boeing and Airbus in the market of large commercial aircraft.

– it has opened its doors wide to leading global firms in all industries, banks and aerospace.


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